What is the purpose of this book?

From Boercade

This book is mainly for non-native English speakers to understand the word.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you must have met bottleneck in vocabulary increasement, one most important reason of that is there is not enough English speaking environment. The advice usually from teachers or friends is to pay more time on memorizing or reading, but actually it is very easy to forget them a few days later.

The root cause is that you don't understand the word.

You must have met many words looking very similar, such as: respect, respective, perspect, prospect, aspect, expect, inspect, etc. And yes, you must have also found that they have some kind of similar meaning. It is easy to memorize one or two of them. But you must feel confused when meet three or more. The more of this kind of similar words you memorize, the more confused you will feel, and the more burden to your brain.

Don't worry, this book will help you to solve this problem!